About BMC

Principal's Welcome

Blue Mountain College is located in a stunning rural setting between the university city of Dunedin and the adventure capital of New Zealand, Queenstown. We're a small school catering for students aged 11-20yrs.


We pride ourselves on knowing each student and his/her family personally, providing excellent pastoral care. We are a Positive Behaviour for Learning (PB4L) school. Students are expected to be respectful, responsible and inclusive when interacting with peers, staff and the community.


Our individualised learning pathways lead to outstanding rates with NCEA qualifications, alongside myriad sporting, cultural, outdoor education, and leadership opportunities.


Our Duke of Edinburgh Hillary Awards and Peer Support programmes allow students to give back to the community through volunteer service.


The school environment is beautiful and safe, two traits valued by our International Students, along with the way our host families embrace them.


Lindy Cavanagh-Monaghan




Positive Behaviour for Learning creates a positive school environment that promotes student learning and social success by having:

✔ clearly understood expectations of behaviour

✔ positive reinforcement

✔ strong systems and practices for staff and students 

Blue Mountain College strives to help each student develop his or her academic and practical life skills to their best, across a broad curriculum. Our focus is on students as individuals, which shapes what is taught, and what counts as achievement.


Our Team


Mrs L Cavanagh-Monaghan

Deputy Principal         

Mr P Davies


Assistant Principal 

Mrs J Venz

International Studies

Mrs C Criglington



Principal's PA 
Mrs B Hanna  

Finance Manager 

Ms J Lomas 



Junior School 

Mrs L Murray 

Middle School

Mr C Nicol

Senior School

Mr M Murrell


NCEA Co-ordinator 

Mrs S Burke


Mrs C Criglinton  


Distance Education

Mrs N Wright


Gateway & Careers

Mrs J Venz

Mrs S Davies 

Kāhui Ako
Learning Support Co-ordinator 

Ms J Helby

Sports Co-ordinator 

Mrs P Reihana


Specialist Classroom Teacher 

Miss K O'Connor



Mrs V Crawford – Head


Ms H Schmidt - Head

Mrs R Smith

Mrs L Murray

Mr L Brenssell 

Miss G Tomsett

Miss K O'Connor


Mrs H Scott - Head 

Mrs J Venz

Miss K O'Connor

Miss K McIntyre

Miss A Price

Mrs L Murray – Jnr Dean

Mr L Brenssell


Digital Technology

Mr T Nguyen

Food Technology 

Mr S Wright 


Design & Visual Communications-Graphics

Mr M Murrell - Head Technology

Mr L Brenssell


Materials Technology

Mr M Murrell 

Mr P Davies 
Mr C Nicol


Social Sciences

Ms N Wright  - Head 

Mr M Short

Mrs C Criglington

Miss G Tomsett

Mr L Brenssell


Financial Literacy

Ms N Wright 



Mr P Davies 
Mr W Byars



Ms N Wright



Ms N Wright 



Mrs S Burke – Head

Mrs K Green – Jnr

Mr C Nicol

Mr W Byars



Miss S Green



Mrs S Burke



Miss A Price


Mrs L Murray - Snr

Mr W Byars

Miss K McIntyre 


PE & Health

Mrs A Stiven - Head

Miss K O'Connor

Mr L Brenssell

Mr M Short



Miss G Tomsett


Teacher Aide Team

Mrs L Marwick

Mrs P Reihana

Mrs P Thomson

Mrs R Gillions

Mrs K Williams 

Mrs T McHutchon

Ms D Clifford

Mrs C McCraw

Miss H Dunlop

Mrs V Thomas


Mrs J van Woerden

Mr E Savigny 


Cleaning Staff

Mrs U Adams                  

Ms S Atencia Vidal

Mrs J James                

Mrs H Kirk  


Ground Staff    

Mr M Adams

Mr J Somerville



The Board

Mrs Shona Robertson

Chairperson & Parent Representative


Mrs Jann Robertson



Mr Phil Reid

Deputy Chairperson & Parent Representative


Mrs Lindy Cavanagh-Monaghan



Mr Matt Short

Staff Representative

Mr Bill Butler

Co-opted Parent Representative


Mrs Nicky Horrell

Parent Representative

Mr Allan Richardson 

Parent Representative


Mr Craig Dew

Parent Representative

Miss Kelly Takurua
Co-opted Maori Community Representative  

Miss Skyla Bennett

Student Representative



The Blue Mountain College Board of Trustee policies are available for viewing at the college office. 

Download Communications and Complaints Policy here