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School Life at Blue Mountain College

Blue Mountain College is a co-educational, year 7 - 15 secondary school catering for the needs of the West Otago community.


We pride ourselves in the wide range of courses we offer and certainly our results indicate that our students do well. 

The School has developed strong ties with our supportive community which has resulted in a caring, family atmosphere where every student is important and receives individual attention. Blue Mountain College is situated on an attractive 8.5 ha site on the edge of Tapanui township, and we are well equipped to deliver effective education. 

Thanks to the support of our community we have a full sized gymnasium, an excellent hall, and the use of the community covered swimming pool. The College colours are green and blue and the school motto is Labor Omnia Vincit which means 'Work Conquers All'.


Stylish and practical

The BMC uniform is distinctive, designed to encourage pride in oneself and in the College.


The winter uniform is worn in Terms 2 and 3 and, with the permission of the Principal, may be worn in Terms 1 and 4.


Summer Uniform is worn in Terms 1 and 4.

Uniform samples are available at the school office to try on for sizing Please do so, as sizing varies across different brands.


School Bus Routes

  1. Waikoikoi/Merino Downs

  2. Edievale-Millers Flat

  3. Dusky

  4. Moa Flat

  5. Crookston

  6. Glenkenich

  7. Waipahi


There are four feeder buses which connect to one of the above as indicated:

📍 Parkhill (connects with other buses at Heriot)

📍 Wilden (connects with other buses at Heriot)

📍 Gore (connects with the Waikoikoi/Merino Downs bus at the bus shelter)

📍 Millers Flat (connects with the Edievale bus at Raes Junction)


Bus Controller - Jane Stuart, Tapanui Primary School ☎ 03 204 8614 

BMC Bus Co-ordinator - Janine Venz ☎ 03 204 8358

Go Bus Gore ☎ 03 336 5700

Bus Routes
Cultural Learnings

Cultural Learning

‘He taonga ngā reo kātoa’

All languages should be treasured

Blue Mountain College teaches Te Reo Maori to year 7 and 8 students.


The year 7 course introduces Te Reo to students, focussing on the basics of the Maori alphabet, pronunciation, greetings and farewells and asking the question Kei te pehea koe? (How are you?). Other topics include Numbers, Colours, Seasons/Months/Days and place names in Aotearoa.


The year 8 course builds on the year 7 foundation with an emphasis placed upon developing translation skills and knowledge of vocabulary based around 3 main topics: My Family, the Classroom and My Form Class.

Kapa Haka

The college has tutors come in to take Kapa Haka. This group is passionate about learning and performing Māori waiata, poi and haka. They have competed in Kapa Haka competitions within the Otago/Southland region.

Dramatic Arts--6
Dramatic Arts--2
Dramatic Arts-8854
Dramatic Arts-0245
Dramatic Arts-
Dramatic Arts--3
Dramatic Arts--4

The Arts

An integral part of BMC culture

The Arts

The arts play a major role in the life of Blue Mountain College.


The arts department of Blue Mountain College covers myriad subjects. Everything from art, photography, design, dramatic arts, performance, music and singing. We help our pupil's channel their inner creativity and provide guidance for them to express themselves as individuals as well as share collective responsibility in productions.

Each year we hold a Performing Arts Festival. After weeks of preparation, every student performs a part in a form group and a house group. They are also given the opportunity to compete for other roles. The best performances feature in a public Pot Pourri Concert held at our local West Otago Community Centre hall.

In alternate years we stage a major production, and enter the Stage Challenge. Pupils are encouraged to participate in local cultural activities external to the school curriculum, such as the Kapa Haka, and the annual production put on by the West Otago Theatrical Society.


When performance in dramatic arts is combined with positive reinforcement, pupils develop confidence and a greater level of self-esteem. Also, it teaches them to work within a team environment, and helps improve public speaking skills.

Outdoor Education

Outdoor Education

During a student's high school years, they are offered a number of opportunities to go away on school camps while studying at Blue Mountain College.


Our school camps are character building. They encourage students to bond with one another outside of the classroom, learn new skills, develop independence and responsibility.

The camps take place around our great nation, as well as overseas, and often involve physical activities such as skiing and hiking along with cultural experiences. We actively fund raise to reduce the costs associated with the camps to maximise participation. 

Duke of Ed

The Duke of Edinburgh's Hillary Award program is part of a worldwide network which provides young people with a balanced, non-competitive program of individual challenge through which they can make constructive use of their leisure time.

The Award program provides a framework for personal discovery and growth through service, skills, physical recreation and adventurous journeys; developing perseverance, responsibility to self and to the community. Individuals or organisations can use this framework, with its three levels, to provide individual challenge and achievement for young people between the ages of 14 and 25.

The flexibility of content within the program structure, and the national and international recognition that the Award attracts, make it an effective and challenging opportunity for young people with a wide range of backgrounds and interests. Increasingly, employers and interviewers are recognising the Award as an indicator of responsibility and achievement.

Students wishing to join the program need to collect a registration form from the Blue Mountain College office. Upon completion they can return it to the office with the required fee. Then their book will be ordered. However, they can start work towards the award from the date they submit the form. 


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